All moms undeniably have a lot on their plate, and a huge pile of dirty laundry is just one of them. That’s why we collected a number of tips and tricks that can help you, precious mom, with your laundry woes. 

Create efficient laundry systems and schedule

Whether you set your laundry day to once a week or dedicate specific laundry times within a day, setting a schedule and sticking to it lessens the [work] load. Whatever your preferred schedule may be, make sure that it’s set on days or times when your work demands are the least. 

Creating systems that your family, especially your little ones, can follow would also be a great help. Such systems may include proper scheduling of when to change bed covers,  teaching your kids to put away their dirty clothes in cute animal bins, or having the clothes sorted as soon as someone changes out of it. By doing these, all the pre-laundry work that takes much of your energy will be done in no time. 

Turn laundry time into fun bonding moments

Involving the children and the entire family could also be a great way of turning this boring chore into a fun one. Share the experience by delegating simple tasks even to your toddlers, which may be as simple as helping you put clothes in the washer. You can even turn the activity into a fun shoot-in-the-hoop (laundry basket) game and allow the winner to have unlimited cartoon time for the night! By doing these, you not only create meaningful memories with your children but also help them build habits that will be beneficial for them in the long run.

Save time and make the most out of it

Having a lot of chores to juggle demands for a proper management of one’s time. Good thing that you can take advantage of the idle time when waiting for your clothes to finish washing or drying by doing other productive tasks. Use this time to do other chores, read a book, finish a work presentation, or get that well-deserved nap. Whatever it is, laundry time shouldn’t limit you from accomplishing the (often endless) tasks on your checklist.

Invest on laundry products that makes clothing care easier

Doing the laundry really is an exhausting chore. But what happens when you find out that all your laundry efforts were wasted because of kulob and malodour? Would you be willing to rewash your clothes and spend more energy to fix the problem? No way! 

Good thing there’s Fresh Fabrix, an anti-kulob clothing spray that quickly removes kulob in your clothes. It has added fragrances and anti-bacterial properties that restores that fresh smell from newly laundered clothes and kills odors from its root. 

Fresh Fabrix cares about your efforts, mommy! Gone are the days when you had to spend so much time and effort keeping your clothes fresh. With Fresh Fabrix, you can now give your undivided attention to the activities and people you love. 

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