Origins of Fresh Fabrix

February 2021 was when a group of university students found themselves scrambling to find ideas for their thesis project—to build a startup company from scratch.  Long calls and sleepless nights of ideation proved to be useless as all they had were solutions to non-existent problems. Utterly useless. 

That was until one of them shared how her sister struggled with musty, kulob-smelling clothes from improperly dried clothes. With all the existing laundry solutions in the market, what seems to be the problem?

Turns out, the sister’s lack of access to pricey laundry dryers and the tight-spaced boarding space she lived in was the culprit of it all. Topped with a grueling work schedule, she neither had the time nor the energy to try out every preventive measure that promises fresh smelling clothes.

What dawned on the group was that if a person still struggled to have fresh clothes despite the plethora of laundry products out there, something must still be missing. Something needed to be done. 

It was 4 AM when papers were thrown in the air and all Google tabs were closed as the members celebrated their eureka moment! They all slept peacefully knowing that a problem worth solving has finally been found.

Speckless Solutions Inc. was founded with a mission to provide innovative solutions to every household’s laundry needs, regardless of financial and living conditions. This goal gave birth to its flagship brand, Fresh Fabrix.

Fresh Fabrix is an anti-kulob and antibacterial clothing spray that almost instantly eliminates odor in any type of clothing. By promising a fast-acting and long-lasting formulation, it was able to offer a simpler solution to kulob—Just spray and go!

Fresh Fabrix also believes that your precious resources should never be wasted. By offering a quick and effective solution to kulob, you no longer have to spend huge amounts of energy rewashing and experimenting on laundry hacks to get rid of that musty smell. Yay!

So let Fresh Fabrix do the job for you, that you may spend your precious time and effort on what matters to you the most.

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